How To: Plan an Overseas Holiday

Graphic by Georgia Everett, blackboard, planning an overseas holiday

Planning an overseas holiday is probably the most exciting and stressful thing that I have ever done. I spend my time jittery with excitement whilst feeling like I have a foggy head from all the planning and I’m sure I’m … Continue reading

How To: Display your Travel Photos

Instagram Photo Wall

One of the things that I always struggle with is how to display my travel photos. Now that everything is digital and photos get uploaded straight to your computer where they sit in a folder and never get seen, it … Continue reading

Learning a Foreign Language

Graphic by Georgia Everett

Attempting to speak a different language is definitely one of the most daunting, yet exciting things about travelling. One my first trip overseas to Japan, I went with my high school Japanese and therefore knew enough to get by pretty … Continue reading

Best of the Cinque Terre

Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is pronounced chinka te-ra, that’s how I pronounce it anyway. The italians have a roll of the tongue but my Australian accent obliterates it.  The Cinque Terre, meaning The Five Lands, is a portion of the coast on the … Continue reading