My Speechless Wonders

This post comes as more of a story than anything, a chance for you to get to know more about me. The reason I started this blog was to give me a place to share my travel escapades, hopefully inspires you to travel, but most of all to share the stories of the places that leave me speechless. Hence the name My Speechless Wonders (agh it all makes sense now). Now at this point, there are only a few places that I have been to that have truly made me stop and well… be speechless. After the utter brain shutdown that I experience and my brain kicks back into gear I find myself wondering firstly, why I don’t live there and secondly, how I am going to convince my parents to be okay with me staying. So here is my first instalment of My Speechless Wonders (thus far).

1. Paris, France

One hundred percent will always be at the top of my list. I can’t even describe how much I love Paris. I remember getting off the train at Gare de Nord from London, walking out of the station and it just hit me all at once. I guess kind of like love at first sight. After spending some time there I think I love it so much because Paris is classic, Paris is timeless. It’s everything it promises to be and that is a big call since I had built it up so much in my head before going.

Arriving in Paris

Arriving in Paris

If you were to ask me what I loved the most about it I don’t think I could ever pick one thing. It’s everything, the white buildings with the high roofs that all look the same, the fashion and style of the people who live there, the food, and the music. It’s not even about the sightseeing for me, I could spend all day walking around the streets – stopping in for a pain au chocolat when I feel like a pick me up.

View from the Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower

I would love to live in Paris one day, even if it were only for a year or so. It’s going on the bucket list for sure.

2. Ville sur mer Franche, French Riviera

You could actually just leave me in France and I would be the happiest girl in the world. I could see myself working in Paris during the week and popping on down to my holiday house in Ville sur mer Franche in the South of France for the weekend… A girl can dream can’t she? This small coastal town is alway lingering in the back of my mind as one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The bright buildings were so vivid and so lively that you couldn’t help but feel excited about being there. The beach was also as close to an Australian beach as I was going to find in that part of the world. I remember getting there and saying, in true Australian fashion, “now this is a beach.” It was sandy rather than rocky like the beach in Nice where we had just come from.

Ville sur mer Franche, South of France

Ville sur mer Franche, South of France

This is a place where you could truly relax and watch the world go by without a care in the world.

3. Tokyo, Japan.

I went to Japan when I was 15 and it was my first time overseas, so I felt a little overwhelmed. To come to a city like Tokyo, that has as many people living in it as half of the population of Australia, was just mind-boggling. I think what I loved most about Tokyo was how the old and the new came together to create a sense of absolute mayhem and calmness at the same time. I remember walking through the middle of the city, in the Shibuya district with the world’s largest pedestrian crossing, where everything was so hectic and moved so fast only to go to the next block over and find a shrine that had been there for hundreds, even thousands, of years where is felt so calm almost like an entirely different city.

Shibuya District, Tokyo

Shibuya District, Tokyo

Never have I even experienced something so futuristic yet so primitive.

Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Those are the places that I have visited so far that have left me speechless and I cannot wait to add more to the list. I think for me, especially having the opportunity to travel so young, it has allowed me to see my place in the world rather than the world as my place.

I would love to hear about that places that have left you speechless, as I am always interested in hearing about travel, so leave me a comment, tweet me (I love Twitter), or Facebook me (now that my speechless wonders has a Facebook page). Until next time.


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